Aurora Diagnostics LMC Pathology Services (ADX LMC) has a full-service Dermatopathology laboratory that provides consultative and diagnostic expertise in skin biopsy interpretation including inflammatory and neoplastic conditions. Our dermatopathologists provide clinically relevant reports which enable the physician to offer the most appropriate treatment of the patient.

The dermatopathology team at ADX LMC consists of fellowship trained, board-certified dermatopathologists.

Extensive training and experience allows our dermatopathologists to offer expert pathologic examination of skin biopsy specimens, including skin and subcutaneous cancers, melanocytic lesions and melanomas. Each of our dermatopathologists has fellowship derived experience in clinical dermatology which enables them to offer expert pathologic interpretation of biopsies of inflammatory skin disorders with the knowledge of how these rashes clinically present and what dermatitis is in the context of an actual patient. Our dermatopathologists are always available to discuss difficult cases and understand the importance of clinico-pathologic correlation.

Turnaround time is rapid and most reports on routine skin biopsies are available within 24 hours of receipt in the laboratory. In our laboratory we have on hand a majority of the special testing for even the most uncommon skin disorders. When necessary for diagnosis, we utilize immunohistochemical, flow cytometric, immunophenotypic, and molecular studies. Immunofluorescence and gene rearrangement studies are available through our relationship with reference laboratories.